JDN Vending Machine Service Corp, as a company that is aware of the need for a Prepaid System in the vending industry, we have put our full attention on Cashless/Contactless solutions that provide the customers with more security and convenience at the moment of purchasing products. Cashless vending solutions means buying products without using physical money.

We use Microtronic as the cashless vending application for selling products. This high-tech application gives the customers the convenience of using a preloaded card instead of money for purchasing products. We have been able to provide and implement this vending solution in a variety of different locations throughout Puerto Rico.

This convenient system can be implemented on ANY of the vending machines that we work with. Also, this cashless vending system can be installed on a vending machine along with the conventional cash loading system. This dual integrated vending system enables us to serve a wider variety of customers and their specific needs for their locality.


How it works?

The customers first buy a card from one of our card dispensers. Then they can load a virtual balance on the card using one of our loading stations, conveniently located nearby to the vending machine areas. You will be able to see the balance on your card in the display of the loading station. This balance can be upgraded by inserting money in the bill acceptor of the loading stations. You will notice that the money gets added on your card immediately. The cards have the shape of an ATM or credit card, so it is easy to carry them around.





No start-up fees... No hassles!

We have real people providing real service 7 days of the week. We count with a staff of over 30 employees that are trained to give attention to the client’s needs within the vending industry. We provide the highest quality technology in vending machines and innovative systems in the market and management services that your company deserves.