I. Micro Market

What is a Micro Market? Instead of  your only  choices being  salty-deep fried, snacks, sugary soft drinks and high-calorie candy… Our Micro Market solutions can transform your employee breakroom into a convenience store atmosphere with a multitude of products and checkout options that vending machines don’t offer.

It all starts with our custom built kiosks and advanced software that has custom checkout areas. These custom built kiosks are available in multiple styles and sizes to fit any location, and can be equipped with a fingerprint scanner, bar code scanner, scale, touchscreen, credit/debit card swipe, and a bill acceptor. Our kiosks are also customizable with decal, screen branding, and color options. You can choose the options that best fit your company!  Along with our custom built kiosks we have a large selection of freezers, coolers, racks and displays to accommodate your needs for a market of any size!

II. Interactive Vending

In order to create a more enjoyable experience for our customers, JDN can also offer interactive vending machines to give consumers a unique buying experience.

JDN’s interactive vending machines offer increased convenience to our customers! These machines have cashless vending systems, with credit and debit card or mobile payment options. Also our interactive vending machines feature: intuitive touchscreens, LED lighting, digital signage, and are often equipped with energy-saving technologies.

With our interactive vending machines, customers can compare products or see their nutritional information before making a purchase. In addition, these interactive vending machines offer behind-the-scenes reporting technology which tracks sales and adjusts product offering based on customer preferences.

III. Rental of Vending Machines

Our company offers a great variety of vending machines for rental for any type of activities. We tailor the vending machine to fit your specific needs including assortment fit, payment systems and other additional features. As part of our service we will bring the vending machines to your premises and take care of the installation. We also provide a training to operate the vending machines.




No start-up fees... No hassles!

We have real people providing real service 7 days of the week. We count with a staff of over 30 employees that are trained to give attention to the client’s needs within the vending industry. We provide the highest quality technology in vending machines and innovative systems in the market and management services that your company deserves.