1) Where can you recharge the cards for purchasing in the vending machines?

All of the vending machines that are equipped with the cashless card system are located nearby to a loading station that must be located within the building complex, and in many cases within the immediate area of the machines. It is in these loading stations that you can add to the existing balance of the cards, or acquire another card.

2) What should I do if have any inconvenience at the moment of buying a card or product?

You can process a claim by calling our customer service number: (787)632-4550 and follow the instructions which will be indicated. You can also contact us by email at: reclamaciones@jdnvendingpr.com. In case you want to send your complaint by mail, you can do so by sending it to our mailing address: PO. Box 656, Vega Baja, PR. 00694.

3) How often is each one of our vending machines refilled?

Every week one of our staff members will go check, refill and add new variety to each of the machines. If they had more demand for products, the machines can be refilled more often. In some cases the machines are refilled two or more times per week, were applicable.

4) If any of our machines would stop working, what is the procedure for repairing them?

We have a staff trained in repairing the machines we offer. In case that you would get a fault in one of the machines, please let us know as soon as possible by telephone and one of our staff members will be assigned to repair it promptly at the same place where it is located .

5) How can you get a wider variety of product selection within the vending machines for your company?

The varieties of products that we sell in each one of our machines are modified according to the preference of our customers. This means that you can choose from our wide range of products the ones that your company prefers. If you would like to receive a Catalog of our products, please contact us via telephone or email and we will send you a copy. If you want a product that is not listed in our catalog, you can also let us know and we will do anything possible to supply you this product.

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