At JDN Vending Machine Corp, we have solutions and services that are tailored to benefit your business. We take pleasure in servicing a variety of locations including:  hotels, schools, malls, apartments, factories, retail stores, correctional facilities and offices all around PR. Our Full Line Vending Solutions and Management service includes the installation of all types of vending machines, keeping them stocked with the inventory products that the clients prefer, and the maintenance and repair of the machines.

All our vending machines are equipped with an iVend® sensor system, for a guaranteed delivery of the products or your money back. Also, all of our vending machines are Energy Star Rated, which means that they have an advanced power saving management system. You can choose from some of our most popular equipment suppliers and models, in which we can customize the trays: 

(Snacks & Drinks)
  • From 36 to 60 items selection (varies with tray configuration)
  • Versatility of two machines in one cabinet.
  • Separate temperature areas for snacks, cold beverages & foods
  • Variable temperatures for more flexibility
  • Versatile and adjustable snack trays and helixes    
Frozen or Refrigerated Foods
  • From 36 to 60 item selection (varies with tray config).
  • Temperature range from -15 degrees F through 36 degrees F.
  • Efficient insulation of critical foods areas without need of entire cabinet configuration.
  • Versatile and adjustable snack trays and helixes
  • Two machines in one. Refrigerated foods from the top ice creams and others frozen foods from the bottom.
(Cans or Bottles)
  • 10 selections cold drinks (12oz cans & 16, 20, 24oz bottles)
  • Tilt out product display for easy product and price changing.
  • Removable back lighted display for easy branding & customizing.
  • Eye catching product and graphic display.
  • Simple & convenient loading with the product stacks.
  • From 36 to 65 item selection (varies with tray configuration).
  • Flexible space and selection setting. 
  • Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and secured vend times. 
  • Bright LED lighting displays.
  • Includes a removable bottom for easy cleaning.
(Grinded or Beans)
  • Up to 36 beverage combinations
  • Roast ground, freeze dried & bean-to-cup models
  • Automatic opening delivery door
  • Illuminated vend area
  • Small footprint

No start-up fees... No hassles!

We have real people providing real service 7 days of the week. We count with a staff of over 30 employees that are trained to give attention to the client’s needs within the vending industry. We provide the highest quality technology in vending machines and innovative systems in the market and management services that your company deserves.